Mimosa Network Topography Map

Mimosa Network Topography Map

As with any type of networking, users need to be able to visualize and manage the network in a host of different ways. As part of Mimosa’s offering they allow this management through a cloud based software called NMS. NMS is one part of the suite that tools to manage service provider tools. Once radios are deployed, the service provider uses NMS dashboard to manage all the devices they’ve deployed.

When the idea was presented to me, I had done some research to what was already existing in the field. I found lots of examples most of which were horrible and most unusable. The bulk of what I found was the lack of separation and poor or over use of very bad iconography. Upon seeing this I set out to see if there was a way to allow the user to:

  1. allow user to keep control of the map and move the network nodes as desired.
  2. make each node maintain a given separation from other nodes
  3. have the nodes meta data modifiable directly in the map without the need for additional screen usage

I defined what the basic concept of the basic node looks like:

Topology Node

Next, define the data to be displayed and how it should be displayed:

For this iteration and there were more to come, it was taking shape and a usable topology map was coming together:

To edit the data on the node, we started simple and drove from there with some small issue out of the gate – visibility of the editing function:

With adjustments this quickly changed and things began to really take shape: