Breastfest 2014 Beer Guide

Breastfest 2014 Beer Guide

I like beer. It’s as simple as that. For a long time I would only drink one type and couldn’t figure out for the life of me how others could drink things like stouts and porters and pale ale’s. But then a few years back something happened and I had a stout that changed all that for me. From that point forward I taste all kinds of beers and truly enjoy the experience of sampling and sharing with all my friends.

The first year I went to this beer festival for supporting breast cancer awareness. I found the website and pulled all the logos down and just printed them out so I could make notes about the beers. The next year I took it up another level. I made perfect bound books for all my friends that we were going with. Creating these was a blast. Mind you these are very low quality print out but the execution went as planned and they turned out awesome for a first try. I made 20 of these. Every single sheet hand cut by me. I did learn quite a bit and will apply this to the next time I make something like these.

I mentioned that the print quality was low and here is an example. There were about 35 pages for each book and 20 books. As this was the first time doing these books I was more on a course of proof of concept.

Printing and layout the pages for each book

Cutting the pages down to size to create the signatures

Getting the covers ready

Checking the fit

Time for glue up. The boards I used to compress the signatures are wrapped in wax paper to keep the books from gluing to the boards.

Finished gluing the bindings. I realized after looking at some other approaches to this that I should have included some string as part of the binding to help with binding strength. Glue alone worked fine but I’ll do something differently next year.

Signatures and covers together

Preparing the covers to take the signatures

Batching pressing the spines to dry

Final product. I can’t wait to do this again and take up another level. I received lots of comments on these at the festival and lots of great feedback from my friends.