MFA – 1 MFA – 1

As you are most likely aware, every site with critical user data is moving to a multi-factoring authentication system. If you use Gmail you may have already experienced this. And most likely you’ve been forced into it with your banking institution. Since we move money, we needed to step up security to ensure that our users were protected from hacking, fraud and identity theft.

This is a difficult set of flows and my initial flows were a bit more than needed. In my effort to be as clear and concise as possible I had broken some things apart. Here is that first version of screens.

step 1 – select delivery method
step 1 – unsuccessful – select a method
step 2 – success
step 2
step 2 – incorrect number format entered
step 2 – unsuccessful – incorrect number format submitted
step 3 – send code
step 3 – code sent
step 4 – enter code
step 4 – code correct
step 4 – incorrect code entered
step 5 – trust computer and finish process