MFA – 2 MFA – 2

Because this flow can be confusing I really needed to simplify and reduce the steps. As you can imagine anything with lots of steps related to security can be daunting, confusing and downright aggravating so I went back to see what I could do to shave off steps and possibly combine – without confusing the user – steps to make it easier.

So from 5 steps down to 3.

Beginning screen to show users the setup process
step 1 – enter number & select delivery method
step 1 a – number format correct
step 1 b – incorrect number format
step 2 – enter verification code
step 2 a – verification code authenticated correctly
step 2 b – incorrect verification code
step 3 – setup complete
Challenge modal


Lastly, we need a way to make sure that you are who you say you are and there certain gates internally that challenge the user at certain points when money will be transacted. Because MFA is already set up and your cell number is entered, we’ll send a verification code for you to verify for these actions.