• Mimosa Link Award

    Mimosa Link Award

    We recently started a program that required a “badge” that could be used by our users. This...
  • Breastfest 2014 Beer Guide

    Breastfest 2014 Beer Guide

    I like beer. It’s as simple as that. For a long time I would only drink one type and couldn’t...
  • Ratings


    I’m a beer fan. I love to explore new types and love my favs and stand by’s. I’ve wanted...
  • Mimosa


    A couple of years ago, a former co-work who was at the beginning stages of developing a start up asked...
  • Snobry


    I was developing a ratings app and wanted something to signify a level of sophistication without being...

Portfolio of Anthony Hall

What I Do

I marry all aspects of brand and the user experience. Creating the visual hierarchy and framework that will foster the growth of the brand overall.

I have great passion for and really enjoy building highly efficient and effective creative teams. There is no greater satisfaction than creating, developing, driving and growing the brand experience.

About Me

I have a lot of different outlets where I use my creativity. Photography, art, music, woodworking and many others. I'm always looking for the things that others over look, the smaller, finer details.