• Mimosa Signal Meter

    Mimosa Signal Meter

    The original signal meter that was designed was to represent that of an older analog meter. While the...
  • Mimosa Mobile Unlock & Aim App

    Mimosa Mobile Unlock & Aim App

    Once partners purchased the product from the dealer, they would need to unlock the device, install it,...
  • Mimosa PoE (Power over Ethernet) Concpets

    Mimosa PoE (Power over Ethernet) Concpets

    As part of the product portfolio offering for the end consumer and service partners and channels, Mimosa...
  • Mimosa Network Topography Map

    Mimosa Network Topography Map

    As with any type of networking, users need to be able to visualize and manage the network in a host of...
  • Mimosa Link Award

    Mimosa Link Award

    We recently started a program that required a “badge” that could be used by our users. This...

Portfolio of Anthony Hall

What I Do

I marry all aspects of brand and the user experience. Creating the visual hierarchy and framework that will foster the growth of the brand overall.

I have great passion for and really enjoy building highly efficient and effective creative teams. There is no greater satisfaction than creating, developing, driving and growing the brand experience.

About Me

I have a lot of different outlets where I use my creativity. Photography, art, music, woodworking and many others. I'm always looking for the things that others over look, the smaller, finer details.